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Maritime Equipment Failure Attorney

Representing Offshore Workers Injured Due To An Equipment Malfunction

Offshore work relies heavily on complex machinery and equipment. Unfortunately, when this equipment fails, the consequences can be devastating. If you've been injured due to a malfunctioning piece of equipment on an offshore vessel or rig, Jolly Roger Law is here to help. Our experienced maritime equipment failure attorneys understand the complexities of maritime law and the rights of offshore workers. We are dedicated to holding all liable parties accountable and securing the compensation you deserve to recover from your injuries.

Levels of Severity With Equipment Failures

There are various ways equipment failure can manifest and cause injury:

  • Inoperable Equipment: This could be a complete breakdown of a system or component, rendering it unusable. Examples include a winch that seizes up mid-operation or a crane that becomes inoperable while lifting a heavy load.
  • Loss of Service Life in Equipment: Even if equipment seems to be functioning, it may be nearing the end of its safe operational life. Corroded components, worn parts, or inadequate maintenance can create an unreliable and unsafe situation.
  • Loss Of Function: In some cases, equipment may operate but fail to perform its intended function properly. This could involve malfunctioning brakes, steering issues on a vessel, or faulty safety mechanisms.

Any of these equipment failures can lead to serious accidents and injuries for offshore workers.

Who is Responsible for Equipment Failure?

Determining who is liable for an equipment failure accident requires a thorough investigation. Potential parties responsible could include:

  • The manufacturer of the equipment: Design flaws, defects in materials or construction, improper installation instructions, or a shortened service life due to faulty manufacturing can all lead to equipment failure.
  • The owner or operator of the vessel or rig: Failure to properly maintain equipment, neglecting necessary repairs, or exceeding safe operating limits can contribute to malfunctions.
  • Human error: In some cases, operator error or inadequate training on how to safely use equipment can play a role in an accident.
  • Weather related factors: Extreme weather conditions can put undue stress on equipment and contribute to malfunctions.

Our team of attorneys will meticulously investigate your case to identify all potentially liable parties.

How An Attorney Can Help If You’ve Been Injured By Faulty Equipment

The aftermath of an equipment failure accident can be overwhelming. Medical bills pile up, and you may be unable to work. An experienced maritime equipment failure attorney from Jolly Roger Law can help you get to the bottom of your case. Don't wait to get the legal help you deserve.

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