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The Offshore Accident Lawyer

The Offshore Accident Lawyer: Your Captain on Your Legal Journey

The offshore accident lawyer plays the central role in your journey when you’ve suffered an injury in service of a merchant vessel. This knowledgeable guide knows that for some, the sea can seem to call them by name. There is a deep pull to the water, to be out at sea with the wind at their backs and the ocean air in their hair. Some are lucky enough to make a living out on the open waters.

But our offshore accident lawyers will tell you that danger can lurk out on the deep. When it does strike, the founding maritime attorneys of the Jolly Roger Law Firm, PLLC, in Houston will not leave you high and dry. If you get injured or hurt while out at sea, our skilled team will fight for you with the tenacity of a thousand sharks and the acumen of Neptune himself. Under maritime admiralty law, they can help you file a claim under the Jones Act and seek compensation for your losses.

Offshore Accident Types

There are countless ways that sailors can be injured at sea. From shipwrecks to sinking, there are obvious – though rare – high risks involved in spending days on the open sea. More common daily dangers include:

  • Slips and trips or falls
  • Sprains and strains from strenuous job duties
  • Injuries from equipment or shifting cargo
  • Exposure to hazardous cargo, chemicals or substances
  • Exposure to harsh weather elements

Any of these dangers can cause accidents, injuries or illnesses. When an incident happens at sea, it could be days until the vessel is scheduled to arrive at a port, which makes getting timely medical attention and assistance a challenge. If an injured sailor is treated with negligence, a routine injury can easily turn life-threatening or have dire long-term consequences.

The Jones Act Is Your Offshore Accident Lawyer’s Weapon

Does an injury or accident that you sustained out at sea have you feeling like you got tossed overboard? If so, admiralty law and the Jones Act can serve as a life preserver. The ocean has long been lawless. But now, when sailing the seven seas, merchant marines (employees who work on commercial ships and vessels) are covered under the Jones Act, which allows commercial fishermen and privately employed crew members to sue their employers for accidents or injuries that happen at sea. Recovery under the “maintenance and cure” provisions are almost always possible, but there can be a lot of questions regarding claims under the Jones Act. Our offshore accident lawyers have decades of trial knowledge and experience, and they can apply this knowledge to help you in your recovery.

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